Biricha WDS - Power Supply Design Tool - 12 Months License
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The "Biricha WDS - Power Supply Design Tool" is a comprehensive suite of PSU design tools. In purchasing this product you will obtain a 12-months licence for:

  • Buck Design Tool
  • Forward Design Tool (includes Forward, 2SW Forward, Half-Bridge, Full-Bridge)
  • Flyback (Bias Supply) Design Tool
  • SEPIC Design Tool
  • Boost Design Tool

If you only require one of these tools, please select the relevant tool from the drop down box above.

Design stable analog and digital power supplies in minutes!

Stabilising a power supply using WDS could not be simpler. The user simply selects their topology and types in their input/output specification into WDS. The software will then automatically select the appropriate component values for this design. At any stage the user can change the component values away from those automatically calculated by WDS and enter the actual component value used in their design.

From power stage component selection to poles, zeros and controller coefficients; our advanced PSU design software, WDS, will greatly simplify the task of designing a power supply whilst still keeping you in control at every stage of the process.

New Version 3.3 - Now with Boost, Buck-Boost and SEPIC Support

WDS has been designed as the ultimate toolbox for the power supply design engineer.

  • Designs and stabilises analog and digital PSU control loops in minutes
  • Automatically calculates poles and zeros as well as component values of the worlds most popular topologies
  • Sophisticated control algorithms stabilise digital power supplies with automatic coefficient calculations for floating point, 32 bit and 16 bit processors
  • Special features allow manipulation of digital compensator coefficients for a host of micro-controllers
  • Automatic compensator design for isolated power supplies with TLx431/LMx431 industry standard optocouplers
  • Simulations in time domain, frequency domain and ability to superimpose real measurements on simulated data

A trial version and more information about WDS is available form Biricha's website.

License Information

This WDS license is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. You are under no obligation to renew the license and you can continue using WDS after this time, however the trial license limitations will apply.

Please note: After purchase your license code will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Please visit Biricha's website to download the latest version of WDS.

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