BDP-401 - EMI/EMC Debugging Pre-Compliance Current Clamp (EUR)
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BDP-401 is a high current high bandwidth current clamp designed specifically for pre-compliance testing measurement and debugging of electronic circuits.

The very high transfer impedance, Zt, of this clamp makes it ideal for sensing small signals in the frequency range of 150kHz to 450MHz accommodating cables of up to 20mm in diameter.

Frequency range: 150kHz to 450MHz
Saturation Current: 300A
Working Impedance: 50ohms
EMI shielding: The probe is fully shielded with the exception of the pickup gap. However RF noise pick up from the cable under test may corrupt the results
Max output put voltage @ 300A: 20V – please see safety note in the product brochure
Maximum Cable size: 21mm

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